Favorite Seinfeld Episodes

My favorite Seinfeld episodes, in no particular order:

  • The Gum
  • The Pen
  • The Cheever Letters
  • The Contest
  • The Virgin
  • The Bubble Boy
  • The Soup Nazi
  • The Junior Mint
  • The Bris
  • The Marine Biologist
  • The Chicken Roaster
  • The Serenity Now
  • The Merv Griffin Show
  • The Handicap Spot
  • The Heart Attack

If I had to pick one, I think my absolute favorite would be “The Gum”. What are your favorites? (Share them in the comments.)

311 in Vegas

Mandalay Bay Beach
Mandalay Bay Beach

311 played a special set of shows  at Mandalay Bay’s Beach concert venue over Fourth of July weekend. The special event was hyped as “Red, White and Boom!” and it did not disappoint. The weekend featured the premiere of a new 311-branded beer (311 Amber Ale), performance of 1995’s self-titled album (nicknamed the Blue Album) in its entirety, and fireworks after each of the two shows.

Night one featured a varied setlist with some rarely played songs, such as “Uncalm”, “Starshines” and “Livin’ & Rockin'”, some less commonly played songs like “Eons”, “Use of Time” and “Rub A Dub”, and some classics like “Do You Right”, “Applied Science” and “Beautiful Disaster”. The band clearly was into the show and their performances were mostly flawless.

Some of the crowd was obnoxious during the first night’s show. Several waves of beach balls and glow sticks made their way into the crowd at several points throughout the show. Some in the crowd seemed intent on directing them toward the stage, which really bothers me—even if it didn’t seem to bother the band.

The highlight of the weekend, however, was night two’s show. Like many 311 fans, I first heard of them due to the popularity of their 1995 self-titled album. 311 performed that entire album, and then followed those songs with all of that album’s B-sides (except an instrumental called “Next”). Three additional songs and one encore song concluded the set.

311’s Blue Album is one of their most energetic albums and they performed it like they were 25 years old again. Their performances were energetic, enthusiastic and, again, mostly flawless. They tore through the set without letting up.

After they finished all the Blue Album material, they took the energy to an even higher level by substituting “Unity” (a high-energy song from their Music album) in place of “Amber” (a chill, melodic reggae-infused song). The energy level in the venue during “Unity” was higher than possibly any other 311 show I’ve ever attended. The energy was palpable and unforgettable. I walked away from the venue that night feeling like I just might have seen the best 311 concert I’ve ever attended (out of 25 shows).

Enjoy a few song clips from the shows, including “Omaha Stylee”, “Down” and “Tribute”:

311 Archive

311 Archive cover
311 Archive

In about a week, 311 will release its 25th anniversary ARCHIVE box set. (“HIVE” is bold in the stylized version of the title because it’s the name of a song, their fan club, and their recording studio.) Included in the box set are a 60-page photo book and 81 tracks, including demos, B-sides, bonus tracks, pre-production recordings and other unreleased songs. Archive covers material from 1992–2014. If you’re a fan of the band, this compilation is a must-have! Order a copy from PledgeMusic, iTunes, Amazon, et al.

311 have also been busy releasing songs from Archive via various web media outlets, including “Earth People” (from the Transistor sessions), “Grifter” (Transistor sessions), “Cali Soca” (Soundsystem sessions), and “Time is Precious” (Evolver sessions). Follow the preceding links to listen to those songs. Enjoy!

Here is “Grifter”:

MLB All-Star Game Voting

A few thoughts on ways to fix the ridiculousness of this year’s online-only Major League Baseball All-Star Game voting…

  1. They need to limit online voting to prevent abuse. The current rule is that every e-mail address is allowed to vote 35 times for the All-Star Game participants. There’s no legitimate reason someone needs to vote 35 times. Why not limit an e-mail address to vote only once per month or once per week instead of 35 times? A timing limit might somewhat slow down abuse of the system. Allowing 35 votes really just encourages people to over-vote so that MLB can eventually say that “X number of people voted for the All-Star game this season—a new record!” As the season progresses, someone’s opinion might change and prompt him or her to re-vote, but no one really needs to vote 35 different times.
  2. E-mail addresses are fungible. If you own a domain name, you can setup an almost infinite number of e-mail addresses. So, technically, if you own, for example, 3 domains, you can vote 3 x infinity x 35 times, which is a lot! Using e-mail addresses as voters’ identifying characteristic is ridiculous, but I get it.
  3. I don’t think they should completely eliminate votes from people who cannot attend games in person (via the web), but the emphasis should go back to collecting votes from the ballparks. Setup kiosks at the ballparks that allows fans to scan their tickets and place their one set of votes (per ticket). Or, better yet, just tie in-ballpark voting into the MLB At Bat and/or MLB Ballpark mobile apps. Maybe fans enter the games and receive a one-time use code for voting at that game via the mobile apps (or later on the web). A simple solution: fans get one online vote and one vote at every game they attend in-person.