I enjoy skiing and I like 311’s music, so I created a website dedicated to those two things in 1999. The website you see today is the latest incarnation of that original effort.

If you are like-minded individual, you will, no doubt, find this site riveting. If you like neither skiing nor 311, however, then you might be out of luck.

Ultimately, this section of the site will be about whatever is going on that might be interesting. If I happen to ski a lot, then I will publish a lot of skiing content. If I suddenly decide to move to Hawaii and spend most of my free-time surfing, this site will become heavy on surfing content.

The 311 section of the website contains the band’s discography and a complete history of the 311 shows I have attended, including stats.

I also enjoy lots of things besides skiing, such as hiking, travel, sports, and photography.

Finally, there is also more to this website than the content at this web address. I will often feature video content here, but I also upload videos to YouTube when no one’s looking. (There’s already a lot of stuff there that I uploaded before this version of the site came to be.)

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy!